Full Rush Act I Normal - Act V Hell + Leveling 1-60

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This service consists of rushing your new character all the way from the starting Act 1 in Normal, to Hell in Act 5. Following the Rush, we will level your character to level 60 and complete your Ancients quest for you to be able to run Hell Baal's.

Included are the following in all difficulties (x3):


- Act 1: Den of Evil: Grants you +1 Skill Point
- Act 2 Radament's Lair : This gets you the book that gives  you +1 Skill Point

- Act 3 Lam Essen's Tome: This quest gives you + 5 stats

- Act 4 Izual: This gives you +2 Skill Points

- Act 5 Shenk: This quest gives lets Larzuk socket an item for you

- Act 5 Anya: This quest gives you a scroll which grants + 10 to your base resistances.


In total granting you +12 Skill points, +15 stats, 3 socket opportunities, and +30 base resistances