Guild Wars Ectoplasm

Guild Wars - Globs of Ectoplasm:

These are used as an alternative form of currency for Platinum (in-game gold) when a player reaches the limit of gold that they can store.
The limit on Platinum that can be traded in one trade is 100P (100k Gold). To facilitate larger trade values, Globs of Ectoplasm can be used as the limit on a single trade is 1750 Ectoplasm. These would equate at the average price in-game, to well over 17.5Million Gold (17,500 Platinum)

Delivery Time:

We usually have sufficient stock levels of Globs of Ectoplasm, to be able to deliver to you within 10-30 minutes of purchase. In cases where we may run out of stock, we will always have stock again within a maximum of 24 hours and arrange a delivery meeting time with you. 
For any order, please keep in mind that while deliveries are usually very fast, we maintain a delivery time frame of anywhere between 30 minutes to 24 hours. Please see Opening Hours here: