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Scammers and Frauds


It has recently come to our attention that a few players in the game are attempting to use our name to scam people. One of the character names we know of so far is "Mmo Middleman or Mmo Middle Gamers".

This character does not belong to us, if you are approached in-game by this character to buy or sell something to you, ignore it. We will always ask you to come to our live chat, so you can confirm that yes, it is our staff. He has so far tried to scam 2 different people, pretending to be our representative in order to gain the victims trust. Please beware.

This person may choose any other name, but please be sure to check with our live chat first before going ahead with any trade. We will ALWAYS tell you to check with us first, if we do not agree to it on live chat, it is not us.