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.Here you can buy Guild Wars 2 Gold.


When you buy Guild Wars 2 gold from us, you will need to specify which items you would like in the comments box on the cart page (Add a Note to Your Order). This is important for the safety of your Guild Wars 2 Account.


Therefore, how you will receive gold from us is done in 3 steps:


1. Know how much gold you want
2. Check items in-game on the trading post which can be listed-sold to add up to the gold you want.
3. Write those items in the comments box when you purchase the gold. 


Once this is done, we will purchase those items off the Trading Post, and send them to you via mail. It is significantly safer for you to receive items and not raw gold as it is harder to track in-game. 


Some good items to consider are materials such as Globs of Ectoplasm, Mystic Coins, and other lower end items such as Dusk and Dawn. 

Once you receive those from us,  you can simply list them on the Trading Post for the gold you want. Bear in mind there is a 5% listing fee and the 10% tax when the item is sold.  You will need to ensure you have the 5% in the first place to be able to list the item for sale. Leave us the names of the items you want in the description box, so we can buy these for you and you avoid the fee of listing.


Delivery Times

For Guild Wars 2 Orders, our delivery estimate is anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 Hours for most orders. Due to the nature of the trades, we have to ensure we can get exactly the items you request in the comments before sending them to you. 



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