MMO Gamer's Market


Don't Call it a comeback x2
Down but not out x2
Hale and hearty x5
I have the power x10
Run for your life x4
Luck of the draw x4
Don't think twice x10

Weapons Parts:
Sundering hammer haft x2
Hammer grip of defense
Sundering axe haft
Zealous axe haft
Sundering sword hilt
Zealous sword hilt
Sundering spear head x6
Spear grip of defense x6
Sundering dagger tang x2
Zealous dagger tang x2
Sundering bow string x10
zealous bow string x2
Bow grip of defense x12
Sundering scythe snathe x6
Scythe grip of defense x6
Shield handle of fortitude x4
Staff Wrapping of Defense x14
Swift staff head x8
Defensive staff head x6