R12 Hero + r12 Zaishen (Dervish r3 Gwamm)

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$250.00 $350.00

You get GuildWars Account 2 for free,its linked account.


Account Titles :

Legendary Hero of the Zaishen (12)

Source of Wisdom (7)

Blessed by Fate (6)

Cursed by Fate (7)

Grandmaster Treasure Hunter (7)

King's Hero (12) -> Phenix Emote /rank

Characters : Dervish R3 GWAM 15 Maxed Titles LVL10 "Glitched" Toon Ritualist with fow/chaos and Legendary Skill Hunter title with NO secondary class

(R2 GWAMM- 12 Titles) LVL20 "Glitched" Toon Ranger with LDOA title and NO secondary class

LVL1 "Glitched" Toon Elementalist with Legendary Skill Hunter Title with NO secondary class (R2 GWAMM) Sin LVL20 Ranger LVL20

-Mercenary Hero Eight Pack (Team of 8 Hero with chaos and obby armors)